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Dynamics Hotdish

Dynamics Hotdish came together when three people who became friends through the Microsoft Dynamics CRM community realized that they enjoyed discussing Dynamics with each other and wanted to share their knowledge and experience back into the community. Our weekly content is aimed at all levels of Dynamics “CRM” and Power Platform experience, with some episodes digging into technical features, and others focused entirely on figuring out how to solve business problems. We’ll be having casual conversations on topics we think are important, but if you’re looking for the latest on cutting edge features or top 10 lists, try a different podcast!

Merlin Schwaiger

Power Platform Advocate

Merlin Profile Picture
Merlin started his career in generic IT – managing servers, network equipment, and replacing broken keyboards. One day, having had enough of troubleshooting Exchange server, he decided to specialize in something, and picked the fledgling Dynamics CRM product (then v1.2 and before the Dynamics brand) as the thing he’d specialize in. Fast forward 15 years later and Merlin firmly believes that the Power Platform is a fundamental shift in thinking for CRM and business applications in general, giving us all greater access to technology to solve business problems. A true believer in the technology, he built a solution in CRM 2011 to manage his wedding, capturing RSPVs, meal choices, and gifts – and then shared it with others (including Liz!) to use and improve. He feels fortunate that Liz and Ashley allowed him to join their podcast. =)

Liz McGlennen

D365 & Power Platform consultant

Liz thought she wanted an HR career, but took a job that she hadn’t originally pictured in Sales Operations for a tech company (where she met Ashley). There she became an “accidental CRM admin” by self-teaching CRM 4.0 and slowly realized that there was a plethora of tech careers where you don’t have to be a programmer to work with technology. Liz fondly remembers late nights building workflows and joyfully spinning around in her chair when she finally got them to work. After a few years she decided to switch to a CRM Partner and finally put her HR degree to use as a full-time trainer (where she met Merlin). Since then, Liz has had a variety of roles in sales, consulting and management. Liz enjoys mentoring and helping others learn D365 / the Power Platform, and all it has to offer!

Liz Profile Picture

Ashley Steiner

Dynamics Administrator

Ashley Profile Picture

Ashley started her career in Digital Marketing but found a love for connecting business processes with technology when she started using Dynamics as an end user with version 4.0. After learning how to customize version 2011 in a broom closet, Ashley decided to make Dynamics her full-time career and passion and chase jobs, speaking opportunities, user groups, webinars, and networking opportunities all over the country. Ashley enjoys enabling the salesperson’s CRM experience to increase productivity, organization, and sales funnel. After meeting Liz at their first post-college job (an unmentioned number of years ago), Ashley and Liz remained friends and continued discussing Dynamics and their shared knowledge and now will share it with you! And they’re bringing Merlin along for the ride…

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