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Ep 11 – DynamicsCon LIVE 2024 Recap with TechFluent Graduates

June 12, 2024


Liz and Ali chat with some graduates from the TechFluent training program about their experiences at DynamicsCon LIVE 2024. You’ll get advice on what you should (and shouldn’t do) at Dynamics and Power Platform conferences, and you’ll hear what to expect. This episode features interviews with Christabell Tita, Tafessech Beyene, Phil Mahuwe, Erika Romero, Maryam Umar, and Siham Said. 

Show Notes:

Learn how you can contribute to or participate in TechFluent: https://www.techfluentacademy.org/  

Interested in attending DynamicsCon LIVE next year? Check out the agenda from 2024: https://live.dynamicscon.com/  

Find your local Dynamics community through Dynamics User Group: https://www.meetup.com/pro/dynamics/ 

Find Yulia Kuklina’s blog post that was mentioned in this episode about things she’s learned as a consultant: https://dynamicscommunities.com/news/embarking-on-a-new-chapter-my-journey-as-a-microsoft-dynamics-consultant/ 

Advice for attending your first conference: 

  • Wear comfortable shoes 
  • Bring something to take notes with 
  • Ask questions to get the most value out of the sessions you attend 
  • Be yourself – wear whatever makes your comfortable 
  • Look through the agenda before the event and plan which sessions you want to go to in advance – there are a ton of sessions! 
  • Plan in your primary areas of interest 
  • Follow the presenters on LinkedIn for more content 
  • Come prepared with your resume and LinkedIn updated if you are looking for work! It’s a great way to find potential employers. 
  • Don’t be shy and be resilient – “you may need to knock on 100 doors until one opens” – Sahim 
  • Don’t be intimidated by the sessions! You may know more than you think 
  • Pack Band-Aids and Advil (to deal with your blisters if you wear uncomfortable shoes) 
  • Go talk to people at the booths – everyone is there to network, so don’t be afraid to go talk to people 
  • Find a partner to walk around with if you’re nervous to do it by yourself 

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