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Ep 25 – Azure DevOps Series, Episode 3: Best Practices, User Adoption & Challenges

August 09, 2023

This is the third episode in our series on Azure DevOps (ADO) and we’re diving deep into one of the most challenging topics: how do you get your team to use it?

We share ideas on how to get your teams to buy into ADO and how it benefits your team on using it effectively on projects. It can be hard to convince people to “do extra work” by logging hours on tasks or closing work items as they’re completed. If you explain WHY they’re being asked to do these things or shown the reports that are used to see project status, you can begin to get more buy in from your teams.

We also share some best practices that we’ve learned from working with ADO! We had so many ideas to share that we almost ran out of time again 😫

If you’ve uncovered best practices while working with ADO, please drop a comment below to share with others!

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