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Ep 32 – Empowering Communities with Dynamics for Good: An Interview with Lucas Diaz and Will McLendon

November 29, 2023


In this inspiring episode, we sit down with Lucas Diaz, Managing Partner at Ludia Consulting, and Will McLendon, Business Applications MVP, to explore the transformative initiative, Dynamics for Good. Lucas shares the journey and the passion behind this project, which aims to leverage Dynamics technology for the betterment of communities. He explains how Dynamics for Good is divided into two main branches: creating mission-critical applications to address specific problems, like those faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, and working with partners such as Microsoft to drive change.

Lucas also highlights the significance of community involvement and the importance of organizations like TechFluent in providing upskilling opportunities and diversifying the use of Dynamics technology. He speaks candidly about his personal experiences growing up as a minority and the deep-rooted family history that inspires his work. Through his story, Lucas illustrates the impact of giving back to the community and the power of small ideas to initiate significant change. Join us for a heartfelt conversation that not only sheds light on the Dynamics for Good initiative but also emphasizes the importance of community contribution and overcoming imposter syndrome to make a real difference.

Show Notes:

Meet our guests:

Lucas Diaz, Managing Partner at Ludia Consulting

Will “The Thrill” McLendon, MVP and Senior Solution Architect & Manager at Hitachi Solutions

Thank you to Dynamic Communities for sponsoring this podcast episode and allowing us to record in the Summit recording studio!

Dynamics for Good: https://www.ludiaconsulting.com/community/dynamics-for-good/

UWARF (Ukraine Ware Animals Relief Fund): https://uwarf.org/

TechFluent: https://www.techfluentacademy.org/

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