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Episode 14 – All about Scottish Summit, with Matt Beard

April 13, 2022

Show Notes:

Matt Beard, Development Team Leader at Data8, Microsoft MVP
I am an experienced software developer with a demonstrated history of working across the full stack, with a particular focus on data cleansing API’s in my latest position.

I have helped lead a team to market with multiple products by balancing both my own input of the project and managing others. All products have been certified to required standards and I have a pride in my work, no matter what I build.

In recent years, I’ve taken a heavier focus on the Power Platform and I’ve spent a lot of time tinkering, learning and bettering myself with the amazing, ever growing technology available at our finger tips.

I am proud to be a quick learner and am willing to try my hand at almost anything.

Scottish Summit: https://scottishsummit.com/

Supported charity: https://www.rocktrust.org/

Learn more about Microsoft’s approach to accessibility: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/accessibility

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