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Rediscovering the Joy of Reading: Liz’s 2023 Reflection

Liz's 2023 reading list

One of Liz’s 2023 personal highlights was rediscovering the joy of reading. This year, she immersed herself in the pages of 28 books. She knew had read “a lot”, but didn’t realize how many until she counted for this post. It fills her with amazement and gratitude that she found THAT MUCH time to read.

Joining a book club and prioritizing self-care played a pivotal role in this organic journey. She didn’t set out with a specific goal… it just happened. She found it challenging to pick a favorite, so she’s categorized a few gems that made a lasting impact and wanted to share the full list with all of you…

  • Favorite New Series:
    The Red Rising series by Pierce Brown is like Game of Thrones meets
    Ender’s Game, meets Hunger Games. Harry Potter, there’s some serious
    competition now for her all-time favorite books! Book 6 of the series in
    next on the list for 2024.
  • Favorite Single Novel:
    “Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez stole
    her heart with its enchanting narrative and thought-provoking
    storytelling. If you’re a child of the 80s or 90s, it’ll resonate with
    some throwback games like Oregon Trail, adding an extra layer of nostalgia
    to the experience.
  • Favorite Overall Author:
    Kristin Hannah, your unparalleled talent for crafting tales with
    compelling female protagonists is truly remarkable. Your books showcase
    exquisite character development, delve into the intricate dynamics of
    relationships, and evoke a spectrum of emotions—from inspiration to joy
    and, yes, even to heart-wrenching tragedy. Liz found herself moved to
    tears during many of these powerful stories.
  • Heaviest Novel of the Year Award goes
    “Good Morning, Monster” by
    Catherine Gildiner. In this riveting memoir, Gildiner shares a tapestry of
    personal stories, weaving together the lives of individuals who have faced
    immense trauma and hardship. Through her lens as a clinical psychologist,
    she delves deep into the human experience, exploring the complexities of
    resilience, transformation, and overcoming adversity.


Here’s the Full Book List: (some are missing from the photo because they were audio books or have been loaned to friends)

  1. “The Gifts of Imperfection” by Brené Brown who inspires with her guide to wholehearted living, exploring the power of vulnerability, courage, and compassion in embracing imperfections.
  2. “Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow” A collection of short stories by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, each a masterpiece in magical realism, offering enchanting and thought-provoking narratives.
  3. “Lessons in Chemistry” by Bonnie Garmus who delivers a delightful and witty novel set in the 1960s, where a brilliant chemist faces societal expectations, gender norms, and the pursuit of scientific passion.
  4. “Dark Places” by Gillian Flynn who takes readers on a dark and suspenseful journey as survivor Libby Day investigates the truth behind her family’s murder, delving into the twisted intricacies of memory and deception.
  5. “Inner Witch” by Gabriela Herstik who explores modern witchcraft, offering a guide to embracing your inner magic, connecting with nature, and empowering your spiritual journey.
  6. “One True Loves” by Taylor Jenkins Reid who explores love and second chances as a woman faces the dilemma of choosing between her past husband and a new love in this emotionally charged novel.
  7. “Mother Night: Myths, Stories, and Teachings for Learning to See in the Dark” A profound exploration of the dual nature of perception and existence, delving into the archetypal imagination and revealing the concept of “Mother Night” by Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Ph.D.
  8. “Winter Garden” Kristin Hannah weaves a poignant tale of two sisters, unraveling family secrets and unearthing the resilience of the human spirit, set in the enchanting landscape of Alaska.
  9. “Night Road” A gripping exploration of friendship, motherhood, and the complexities of teenage emotions, set against the backdrop of a tragic accident that changes lives forever by Kristin Hannah.
  10. “The Clockmaker’s Daughter” by Kate Morton who spins a tale that spans generations, unraveling the mysteries of a missing artist and a mysterious house, blending historical fiction and mystery.
  11. “The Atlas Paradox” by Olivia Blake – The Atlas Paradox is the second book in the Atlas trilogy by Olivie Blake, a series about a secret society of magicians who compete for power and knowledge. The book is a thrilling blend of fantasy, mystery, and romance.
  12. “I Must Betray You” by Ruta Sepetys who crafts a riveting historical thriller set in Communist Romania, where a young man faces moral dilemmas and the high-stakes world of espionage.
  13. “Shadow and Bone Trilogy” Immerse yourself in Leigh Bardugo’s captivating fantasy world with the Shadow and Bone trilogy, where magic, politics, and destiny collide.
  14. “Good Morning, Monster” An insightful memoir by clinical psychologist Catherine Gildiner, offering a glimpse into the therapeutic journey other patients and the complexities of the human psyche.
  15. “Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents” by Lindsay C. Gibson who explores the impact of emotionally immature parents on adulthood and provides guidance for healing and breaking free from patterns that hinder personal growth.
  16. “The Body Keeps the Score” by Bessel van der Kolk, a leading expert on trauma, delves into the intricate ways the body and mind respond to trauma, offering insights into healing and resilience.
  17. “The Round House” Louise Erdrich masterfully weaves a narrative around a young boy’s quest for justice on a Native American reservation, exploring themes of community, resilience, and identity.
  18.  “Red Rising Series” (Books 1-5) Pierce Brown’s gripping space opera follows Darrow, a revolutionary fighting against a color-coded society, in an epic saga of rebellion, loyalty, and sacrifice.
  19. “Succulent Wild Woman” Sark’s whimsical and empowering book celebrates the essence of femininity and encourages women to embrace their wild, creative spirits.
  20. “Unsouled” (Cradle Series Book 1) by Will Wight – Embark on an epic journey in the Cradle series, where protagonist Lindon must discover his true potential in a world of mystical powers and martial arts.
  21.  “Soulsmith” (Cradle Series Book 2) by Will Wight – The second installment in the Cradle series, continues Lindon’s quest for power and self-discovery as he navigates a world of magical cultivation.
  22. “The Measure” A novel that explores the profound impact of a mysterious event on ordinary lives, where a small wooden box holds the answer to the exact number of years one will live, plunging humanity into a collective frenzy by Nikki Erlick.

Stay tuned in January to discover what’s on her reading list for 2024!

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