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Episode 3 – Choosing a partner

January 20, 2021

3 comments on “Episode 3 – Choosing a partner

  1. Bridgette Ohrmundt says:

    Great Job guys! This podcast was very informative, as I have not really taken the time to think about what makes the right “fit” for a partner. Often times I feel like we aren’t given those options just given the partner and expected to make it work. However, I like the concept of aligning company morale or characteristics of value with the partner. Being objective is really key too when deciding who to work with, as well as knowing the outcome. One more instance of complexity to making sure the project is successful.

    I like the point about choosing a partner without influence from the outside, meaning there are false advertisements or companies who are more self focused that outcome oriented.

    Another point I found interesting is the messaging from other companies and how it can be misconstrued. R and D is definitely important through the partner selection process.

  2. Zachory Ennis says:

    Something that this discussion was really helpful for me was that question of when do you know if you actually need a partner, as it isn’t always necessary. That’s something I am not super familiar with on the larger scale business level because I’m on the younger side and haven’t really had the chance to make those kinds of decisions yet.

    Another point that was made that stuck out from the discussion was picking a partner that fits the personality of the company. I have never thought about it in that way, but I think it is the perfect way to describe that idea.

    Lastly, I liked the point Liz made near the end of the video about not being too focused in one part of the industry, that being able to move across the industry provides one with a broader knowledge bank and helps more in the long run. This point is extremely important for the IT industry that I work in, you could get left behind and become much less useful than your peers if you do not broaden your horizons so to speak and learn new things and allow yourself to understand a wider scope.

  3. Dylan Rehnke says:

    Great video! I really enjoyed that the detailed responses you give and the ability to provide your own experiences into each question. I think its really important for the partner to be willing to strive for greatness alongside the organizational means and provide a can-do attitude along the way. Having a new partner may not always be easy, but learning to adapt to each others styles and focusing on one common goal of leading each other to success, will ultimately prove to be the pinnacle of the partnership.

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