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Episode 2 – Getting ready for a project

January 13, 2021

4 comments on “Episode 2 – Getting ready for a project

  1. Kassy Omann says:

    Hello! Great post! At my current job, we are going to be implementing Oracle Cloud into our business. There are some very key items you all hit on and we have been going through the same thing here at work. The first thing you all mentioned was talking about the requirements and how important it is to stay focused on the end result and goal. The other part to that was prioritizing the requirements for the business. Sometimes the business doesn’t even know what the priorities are until they start listing all of the requirements.
    The second part that really made sense was that the customer comes to the table with solutions to the requirements. We have definitely caught ourselves doing that here, we are jumping to the solution before we even know what all of our requirements are and the priorities. The other thing that can get dangerous when jumping to solutions, is that it is easy to think of only yourself or your department no knowing that it could end up causing problems or more work for another department if it is not completely thought out.


  2. Dan Conway says:

    I think your advice makes sense across many platforms. As a sales representative that sells small and medium size projects into the education industry, I find myself confronted with clients that believe they need to do everything in one budget cycle or receive a huge grant in order to get to their ultimate goal. Using an incremental approach and finding out what is the clients “MVP” works outside of the consulting and project management realm as well.

    Thank you so much for sharing this information.

  3. Bridgette Ohrmundt says:

    Great Job on discussing important topics of getting ready for a project! So helpful. I feel like the biggest part I took away from this podcast is that projects are really a team effort. I thought that a project manager would do most of the “work” so to speak, however I am understanding this very differently now. Getting ready for a project and the implementation process is very complex and creates a high need for organization, strong communication and prioritization. Ultimately everyone has a role and set of responsibility but its a group effort to create the outcome.

    I’m also intrigued with the tool Microsoft is coming out with to see if people are engaged in meetings.

  4. Zachory Ennis says:

    The biggest takeaway I have from this podcast was all the talk about shared workspace and how important that is to the team effort that projects often are in the work environment. In my work as a developer I often find myself utilizing a shared workspace to get the final result and I find that it makes things a whole lot easier when you have other members of your team either contributing directly to the project or even simply assisting you with your own work on the project.

    That concept is used a lot in the IT world, and my workplace takes heavy use of it. So, overall I think I agree with that the most about how effective it is at starting a project and reaching that eventual end goal that was a big part of your discussion.

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