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Ep 30 – Admin Series, Episode 4: Top 10(ish) Tips for CRM Admins

October 25, 2023


Welcome to the first ever Dynamics Hotdish Top 10 episode!  We’ve never done a “Top #” anything before and are enthused to bring one to you this week.  When we started deciding on what to cover in this episode, we thought that sharing 10 Tips for CRM Administrators (Admins) would be a good place to start.  In typical fashion, we couldn’t limit ourselves to just 10!  There are tips layered upon tips in this episode so we’re not really sure what the final count is 🤷‍♀️What we can guarantee is that you’ll learn even more special skills on how to be a superb system admin!  If you know us well by now, you’ll know that the primary reason for us hosting this podcast is to share knowledge with the community, which is why we get energized when we start talking about tips and find it hard to limit on what we want to share!

Anyway, take a listen to this episode for some fabulous tips on how to be a fabulous CRM Admin. 

Show Notes:

Top Tips for Admins

  1. Don’t build in Prod, build in a lower environment.
  2. XrmToolBox
    1. Data Transporter
    1. Model-driven App Copier
    1. Recycle Bin
    1. Bulk Data Updater
    1. Attribute Usage Inspector
    1. User Settings Utility
    1. Personal View Manager / Personal Artefact Manager
  3. Use the Maker Portal.
  4. Be comfortable using ISVs when and where they can improve.
    1. Ashley’s personal favorite: Data8
  5. Consistent form & view design.
  6. Use the Power Apps Grid Control.
  7. Use calculated columns & rollup columns.
  8. Take the time to rollout Business Process Flows.

Heidi Neuhauser’s blog & videos: https://www.crmheidi.com/

Bonus tips:

  1. Preserve the out of the box items: forms, apps, security roles, etc.
  2. Take away delete privileges in security roles!
  3. Review cascading relationships & make educated decisions.
  4. Utilize AppSource.

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